Meditation is a practice everyone can benefit from regardless whether you are CEO, an athlete, self-employed, unemployed, student, old, young – as long as you are alive there is vast richness to be found through meditation.That is my personal understanding that comes from practicing meditation in many different variations alone and in groups.

My personal meditation journey started in 2011 where I attended a weekend workshop in Aarhus and I had some profound experiences that sparked a great interest in meditation and looking inwards. A few other young people from the workshop and I formed a small group in Aarhus and met up every tuesday for some hours to meditate and talk about what the heck it all could mean and how we could relate and draw meaning from what we experienced.

And since then meditation has been a big part of my life. The benefits have been overwhelming and I have seen the benefits cascade into every aspect of my life and support me in various ways in different times. Calmness, clarity, intention, peace, energy, wisdom, discipline, understanding, freedom, joy, acceptance is some of the keywords I would relate to meditation and the benefits.

I love to teach and unfold meditation with others and my approach is open for everyone and does not require that you believe or not believe in anything certain or specific.

Meditation is truly for everyone. I am looking so much forward to meeting you in Quiet Zone.

I guide in english or danish depending on the people in each class.