My journey started many years ago parallel to my studies as professional opera singer and voice teacher in Denmark and in New York, USA.

The deeper I went with my vocal studies the more apparent it became, that emotions and blockages kept me from expressing my-self in the way I so desired. 

In search for support to help deal with my personal issues, I was fortunate to meet Lyra and Ce Ann, two beautiful people and souls with whom I have studied and worked for more than 25 years.

My work with Sacred Ceremonies, Meditation and Sound healing is a culmination of all the years of vocal and spiritual training and studying. I am very excited about sharing the love and wisdom gained over the years –  and now assisting others how to connect to the I AM presence, to unify the energy bodies with the all that is – to sit in the Seat of the Soul.


is a gentle way to focus our awareness into the presence, moving from external realities into inner guidance.

The body i- s the instrument of the soul (*) and we are the musicians tuning our bodies when aligning the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies with our higher selves. Moving away from mental and emotional spinning into quietness, an opening of the heart can take place, allowing space for our souls to be both felt and heard. 

In guided mediations, I use Tibetan singing bowl, sounds and languages of light as ways to deepen into transcended states of consciousness. 

There is no “one right way” to meditate.  Listening to music or being by the ocean can be just as powerful as sitting quietly. Finding one’s unique way of how to create the space, in which it is possible to center and ground one-self into the Now – into the present moment – is an exploration and a journey in it-self.

With love, wisdom and grace